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Monday, December 20, 2010

What is TORTURE? Waiting for Professors to Post Grades

What's On My Mind Today:  What is TORTURE?  Waiting for Professors to Post Grades is my personal feeling definition of torture...Although I know I am on track for a 4.0 for this semester, anything could happen.  The professors wakes up and decides, no, I won't give her that A cause the last class we had she kind of made fun of me.  Or they, the professors, know you know you're getting an A, they just wait until Tuesday (TOMORROW) to post your grades.  Just so you can't have the satisfaction of knowing you did a job, Well-Done.

And although, I cannot say that for this round of professors I had for Fall 2010, I can say that of others from previous semesters.  They tell you, I already have your grades calculated, so why, OH WHY do you wait over a week before you post them?  I have to admit, my least favorite professor, gave us our final grades before the semester was over and the Saturday after the final class meeting he posted the grades.  Gave me a little more respect for him, even though I still despised his teaching method.

But as another professor informed me, they don't post grades until they can post everyone's grade.  I understand it, but why does the majority who was at the exam, have to wait on someone who possibly was just buying themselves more time to study...

Doesn't matter since I am checking every hour on the hour until I see my grades...TORTURE