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Sunday, October 24, 2010


What's On My Mind Today:  Depending on your age, you may have fond memories of going to visit grandma or other relatives out-of-town.  Those were the best trips; driving past the 18 wheelers mimicking the pulling of the horn and cheering wildly when they did pull the horn.  Or did your family name all the out-of-state license plates? 

Whatever the game those times are gone.  Roadtrips are almost like being at home.  You have your tv, dvd player, wireless headphones for the kids, or the P3 or Xbox is plugged up.  We used to interact with our parents but not so much any more. 

Gas was cheaper, stopping at a restaurant on the journey was a treat but not anymore.  Times change but was it for the better?  I wish I could keep some of the novelty of those times with the use of GPS! 

Tell me your favorite roadtrip story!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web site: www.CaringBridge.org

What's on My Mind Today:  In an earlier post I told you about a family friend who is battling a serious illness, but what I failed to mention is the way this family is keeping all of us informed of what is going on.  They are using a Web site called Caring Bridge (http://www.caringbridge.org/).  It's a free Web site which offers free Web sites for families experiencing cancer, premature birth, injury or other significant health challenges so they can stay connected to family and friends.

It has been a truly wonderful experience to follow my friend's son's journey without having to call her.  The Web site allows her to post what is happening for everyone, friends and family all over the world.  This allows us to stay connected and with one post she has notified everyone all at once.  This saves her time and money.  She is able to keep us in the loop but most importantly she is able to be there for her family, which is the most important thing right now without having to call everyone, text or answer a gazillion emails!

Whenever she posts anything, an email is sent to me.  Text notifications are also available. 

Please let anyone who may be going through a serious illness about Caring Bridge and the services they provide or if you would like to find out more about becoming a donor to continue this free service, please visit the Web site.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Many Labors of Love

What's On My Mind Today:  My son and his girlfriend blessed our family with a beautiful 6 pound, 19.5 inch son yesterday. 

The title comes from the fact I labored 22 1/2 years ago to bring my son into the world and yesterday, I helped bring my grandson into the world.  I am just so grateful God allowed me the opportunity to take part.

But even after our children arrive, that was just the first of "many labors of love!" I remember teething & potty-training, helping my children learn to read, when my son was little we were back and forth to the hospital, when I was pregnant with my daughter I made multiple trips to the hospital to have a healthy baby, when my son broke his arm, when my daughter left for college, but none of it matters because of the love I carry in my heart for them. 

Labor has many definitions, but I love this one, "a productive activity."  In all the labors of love, they are productive activities!

So, I wish my children well as they continue their labor of love with their son!  I am so very proud of you both for creating such a perfect and precious baby boy!  I saw the dedication in both of you faces as you labored to bring him here, but I saw the pact to continue that labor of love in your eyes as you looked into your son's eyes for the first time.  Congratulations!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Columbus Day-Not a Day of Celebration!!!

What's On My Mind TodayHave you seen the Frosted Mini Wheats commercial with the cute, little, smiling, African-American boy who says, "Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue, in 14hundred 92."  The commercial is VERY disturbing to me when Columbus was single handed responsible the beginnings of slavery for his own personal gain.  His journals and diaries comment on the kindness bestowed upon him by the Africans and Indians he encountered before he enslaved them.  Documentation where he participated in raping female slaves for his own pleasure because they were DIFFERENT from himself.  Yet we recognize him for his ACCIDENTAL discovery. 

A professor of mine said "Celebrating Columbus day is like honoring Hitler."  Until I took his class I thought it was just as simple as the Mini Wheats commercial states it...but its not.  He had a hand in putting millions of  people into slavery, stealing the land from the Native Americans and even wiping out an entire tribe of Native Americans.  YET WE HONOR HIM. 

We are openly outraged at the Holocaust, and rightly so, but no one cares about the autrocities suffered by the ancestors of African and Native Americans.  WHY NOT?

History for both groups of people has been marred with unfair exchanges...Indian Reservations were locations to hoard the Native Americans like cattle when they were the true and rightful owners of the continent we call home, North America.  Or the 40 acres and a mule offered to slaves...

You can enjoy the day off, but take a few moments to check out the "real" Christopher Columbus.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming Weekend, Pretty Much the Same

What's on My Mind Today:  The tradition of homecoming has remained relatively the same with the football game on Friday and dance on Saturday.  It is good to see that some things don't change.  While the dresses, shoes, hair and make-up for the young ladies has definitely changed.  The dresses are shorter, the hair is enhanced with highlights and "weave", and the make-up is sometimes too much!  The attire for the boys see-saws between the traditional "monkey" suit and tie to dress down jeans and tennis shoes.  And again while things change others remain the same with corsages for the young ladies. 

It is nice to see the simple concept of homecoming hasn't changed.  I hope everyone's team won, and everyone has a safe and enjoyable evening out!  No drinking & driving, no drugs and be on time!