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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Web site: www.CaringBridge.org

What's on My Mind Today:  In an earlier post I told you about a family friend who is battling a serious illness, but what I failed to mention is the way this family is keeping all of us informed of what is going on.  They are using a Web site called Caring Bridge (http://www.caringbridge.org/).  It's a free Web site which offers free Web sites for families experiencing cancer, premature birth, injury or other significant health challenges so they can stay connected to family and friends.

It has been a truly wonderful experience to follow my friend's son's journey without having to call her.  The Web site allows her to post what is happening for everyone, friends and family all over the world.  This allows us to stay connected and with one post she has notified everyone all at once.  This saves her time and money.  She is able to keep us in the loop but most importantly she is able to be there for her family, which is the most important thing right now without having to call everyone, text or answer a gazillion emails!

Whenever she posts anything, an email is sent to me.  Text notifications are also available. 

Please let anyone who may be going through a serious illness about Caring Bridge and the services they provide or if you would like to find out more about becoming a donor to continue this free service, please visit the Web site.

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