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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Many Labors of Love

What's On My Mind Today:  My son and his girlfriend blessed our family with a beautiful 6 pound, 19.5 inch son yesterday. 

The title comes from the fact I labored 22 1/2 years ago to bring my son into the world and yesterday, I helped bring my grandson into the world.  I am just so grateful God allowed me the opportunity to take part.

But even after our children arrive, that was just the first of "many labors of love!" I remember teething & potty-training, helping my children learn to read, when my son was little we were back and forth to the hospital, when I was pregnant with my daughter I made multiple trips to the hospital to have a healthy baby, when my son broke his arm, when my daughter left for college, but none of it matters because of the love I carry in my heart for them. 

Labor has many definitions, but I love this one, "a productive activity."  In all the labors of love, they are productive activities!

So, I wish my children well as they continue their labor of love with their son!  I am so very proud of you both for creating such a perfect and precious baby boy!  I saw the dedication in both of you faces as you labored to bring him here, but I saw the pact to continue that labor of love in your eyes as you looked into your son's eyes for the first time.  Congratulations!

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