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Friday, January 21, 2011

Striving for All You Can Be

What's on My Mind Today:  While dealing with the depression, job loss and shortages, you have to work harder to succeed.  I don't care if you flip burgers, work at the grocery story, etc. do the job you were hired to do to the best of your ability. 

The fact you have a job is an important one but remember if you are let go or terminated there is someone in the ranks waiting for their chance.  Come to work early, ready to start at your starting time, respect the rules and your co-workers around you.

Don't do it because the boss is watching but do it for yourself.  But a work ethic you will be proud of.  Make your accomplishments memorable in case your next employer calls to see what kind of employee you were.  Don't back down when offered more responsibility.  Take it on.  Mentor your peers to ensure everyone succeeds. 

Its important to help one another because one day it may be you who needs the help and the kindness you extended will be returned to you double. 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Editor-in-Chief of The Cleveland Stater

What's on My Mind TodayToday, I begin a new chapter in my life at 40 years of age.  I am stepping into a role I pray I will do justice too.  I am following in the steps of friends who have successfully changed journalism as we read it on the campus of Cleveland State University. 

I am honored to work with this group of journalists.  Some would say "up and coming" while I will continue to call them journalist.  Last semester, we produced a NEWSpaper with investigative reporting which took months to sift through the data, as well as brought to the attention many issues to the eye of the CSU community.  These men and women work hard at the craft and succeed at it!

In the coming weeks, it is my goal to continue that foundation.  I welcome you to follow The Cleveland Stater at http://www.clevelandstater.com/

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

What's on My Mind Today:  2011!  This year is a special year for me, my 20+ year journey to obtain my bachelor's degree will end May 2011.  While this is a mile stone, the decision to continue my education is the most exciting of all.  I have decided to combine my love of writing and reading and follow my heart and go for my Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.  The MFA is a terminal degree which means if I chose to stop there, I can teach creative writing and obtain tenure.  But, TODAY, I believe I am going to pursue my doctorate in Literary Journalism.  A combination of my true loves!  I haven't forgotten about library sciences either!

But 2011 also holds many possibilities...I may be chosen to be a Chips Quinn Scholar, which is an honor, but the paid internship with a host newsroom from somewhere in the U. S. is the best.  The invaluable experience I will gain will increase my marketability.  I am also doing an Independent Study in Magazine writing that could land me published in several reputable magazines increasing my chances to be hired where I want.