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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Editor-in-Chief of The Cleveland Stater

What's on My Mind TodayToday, I begin a new chapter in my life at 40 years of age.  I am stepping into a role I pray I will do justice too.  I am following in the steps of friends who have successfully changed journalism as we read it on the campus of Cleveland State University. 

I am honored to work with this group of journalists.  Some would say "up and coming" while I will continue to call them journalist.  Last semester, we produced a NEWSpaper with investigative reporting which took months to sift through the data, as well as brought to the attention many issues to the eye of the CSU community.  These men and women work hard at the craft and succeed at it!

In the coming weeks, it is my goal to continue that foundation.  I welcome you to follow The Cleveland Stater at http://www.clevelandstater.com/

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  1. Fantastic Job!!! I'm sure with your passion and love for writing you will do an amazing job. You should be proud!