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Monday, February 7, 2011

Budget and Ohio's State Universities

What's on My Mind Today:  The changes in our state government will have a serious impact on students attending state universities.  For whatever reason, I am not sure why education of citizens is not a priority for everyone.  The people who make the decisions for the state must realize the benefits it will gain by having an educated group of people voting. 

But maybe that is just the problem.  In recent years, educating all has not been on the agenda.  Oh, they have done a good job of making it appears so but "No Child Left Behind" is just what that program does.  It allows schools and parents to make decisions on if a child should be promoted...not necessarily on the basis of the child's readiness to move on.  Which is why we have a country full of high school graduates which are barely literate. 

Then you have the people who have struggled to graduate and then there is no funding for them to go to school.  Everyone says the children are our future, they are but why are they the ones being slighted in the process.  The concept of state universities was to provide a quality education to the people of its state.  But if the upcoming cuts to Cleveland State University are any indication of what other state universities in Ohio will face, watch out.

As students, we are a wide ranging, and diverse group with power, if we choose to use it.  What are going to do to ensure your educational funds are protected?  CSU has already lost a 35-year program, Continuing Education...this program was an integral part to assisting professionals with continuing with their educational goals, mostly staying current with licensing requirements. 

We need to make it our business to make sure state universities and our schools in general give us what we need.  SOUND OFF! 

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