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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beware of Flooding

What's on My Mind TodayAll I am seeing are updates about flooding in the surrounding areas in Northeast and Northwest Ohio.  Please heed these warnings. 

If you should see standing water, DO NOT underestimate the depth of that water and drive through it.  Also, beware of fast-flowing water on roadways...that's a warning sign to flash flooding.

Flash floods are just that...flooding that happens out of nowhere.  This usually occurs when water levels crest about flood stage.  This is very dangerous and is difficult to predict.  As the overflow of water fills the storm drains and sewers it backs up onto the roadways.  In low lying areas the water collects and turns into a mini lake very quickly and vehicles become flooded. 

The potential for true issues is much greater when you try to drive through, so be safe and find an alternate route. 

If traveling somewhere new check out the local TV channels websites where these kind of alerts are continuously updated.

For you fishing people:  No fish are worth the danger; the fish will still be there when the rivers slows down the the mud settles!

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