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Monday, April 25, 2011

Internships & Employment Opportunities

What's On My Mind TodayInternships and employment opportunities seem to work hand and hand for a communication major and many other degrees.  They won't hire you unless you did an internship to gain experience but then why don't they want to pay you for the internship experience.  As a student you pay your college tuition just to get 4 credits to work for FREE.  That makes no sense to me.

Interns come in with ideas, stamina, creativity and a willingness to learn, but they aren't even worth minimum wage.  Nowhere else could/would someone work for free, that's called volunteering.  Did the possible employer realize how much more they could get from someone by respecting the fact they have gone to school, racked up large loans, to learn their craft and deserve something in return, even if its a stipend? 

In addition, internships need to take into account that the vehicle that will get you to the job does not run on FREE gas or FREE maintenance.  What if you have a family?  You cannot tell the landlord, I can't pay you because my internship, which I need to get a paying job is unpaid, and I will pay the rent when I get a paying job!  Or do you tell your child they can't go on the school field trip that cost $15 because your internship is UNPAID?

Why is it because I am a student my intellectual capital-my thoughts, ideas and dreams-can be used for free for the benefit of a company that may or may not hire me.  I realize the experience is beneficial and can be used on my resume, but I am working...doing a job, in most cases, they are paying others in the company to do, so why am I not good enough to get paid, even if its just a stipend?

I would love feedback on this topic.  Thanks.

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