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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kasich Stabs Republican Voters in Cuyahoga County in the Back

Whats On My Mind Today:  In today's Plain Dealer (April 25, 2011) an analysis was taken of the votes Kasich received compared with the school districts expected to take the biggest reduction in state funding.  Well, the people who voted for him are the ones he's going after.

This is a strange twist for a republican...they usually tax the poor and protect the wealthy.  The voters in the districts like Orange, Westlake, Rocky River and Beachwood are all up in arms.  Over the next two years these and a few other areas are slated to lose up to 79 percent in funding from the state.

In a last ditch effort, Ohio republicans in the  House are trying to save face and votes by critiquing Kasich's budget for education.  They know education is a sore spot for voters.  And since their campaigning will begin again real soon, they need to calm down the superintendents of these districts.

The superintendents are not having it.  Superintendents are telling the voters, the parents, what THEIR governor is going to do.  Republicans are saying the superintendents have it all wrong.  All I know are kids are going to suffer.

I don't care, at this point, that urban areas are protected and possibly will not lose as much.  Even with the cuts expected to these suburban schools their students will still have opportunities students in districts like Cleveland Municipal School District may never have. 

Still, cutting education on the K-12 level is RIDICULOUS.  How is our society to evolve is the children are not educated in a way that will continue to grow and function?  It won't.  There are plenty of other areas he could cut...all these construction projects that are so poorly managed is one area.  Why do we cause chaos and confusion by blocking 5 miles of road they can realistically only work on a half to a mile at a time.  For the protection of the workers, block a half mile before and after, fix a section COMPLETELY, then block the next half to a mile. 

This will eliminate extra congestion on high traffic arteries, making it less of an impact on the tax payers.  By doing this, everyone will see progress at a much faster rate.  Another thing, find a more compatible material against salt instead of filling the holes today and digging them up with the first snow and then leaving a hazard for taxpayers vehicles. 

Cut some of the politicians salaries!  Politicians should earn their pay and most of them don't!   If you are suppose to be in the business of being a public servant, start with the salary.  Police, firefighters, teachers, service men and women are the worst paid public employees doing the hardest jobs.  If you want to make a difference, prove it.  Stop living above your means and do the job we put you in office to do.  If you want to get rich, start your own company, don't get over by doing a substandard job on my dime.

What do you think?

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