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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Twenty-Three Years in the Making

What's on My Mind Today I will finally complete my B.A. in journalism and promotional communication on Saturday. It has been a long road to haul but I am so grateful for all the experiences and people I have met along the way.

My family has been such a great support.  My husband should get the "Best Husband of a College Student Award" because he has been a constant cheerleader, motivator and supporter the entire time.  My children, especially my daughter for the math help and encouragement and my parents for just being my parents and lending extra gas money when I needed it.

My professors, classmates, advisors have challenged me to go beyond where I thought I could ever go.  Thank you!

But I have grown so much since 2008 when I returned to college.  I was always confident but now I have a true reason to be confident. 

Despite the 20 years it took me to return, I feel I owe it all to God.  This was the timing the Lord set for me to do this.  I have always been a writer, but I stepped out on faith when life through me a curve ball and God has been blessing me all throughout.  Allowing me to go to CSU and succeed in all my classes despite the pain and numbness of my back and legs, financial dilemmas and fear of failure. 

It's an accomplishment I never would have earned without the Lord and I thank Him for continually bringing the inner dream to the surface numerous times and never letting me keep it buried.  My goal was to have my B.A. by the time I was 40, well technically I didn't do it but I won't be 41 until September and I am still in my fortieth year, so I'll say goal achieved!  And I wanted to show my kids that dreams do still come true, no matter how old you are.

While they are young adults now with the rest of their lives ahead of them, I want them to know that no matter what life throws their way, they can still make their dreams come true.  Realistically, none of us will hit the lottery, but with hard work, we can all complete the true dreams God has placed there and prosper according to God's will.

God, I am truly indebted to you for allowing your Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for my sins and for finding favor in me to succeed...AMEN.


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