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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CQS, First Full Day

What's on My Mind Today:  Day one was a grueling day in that it was nearly 12 hours of non-stop, "Quinn time" activities.  John Quinn is a stickler for a schedule and I know he is proud of all of us for getting done an hour ahead of schedule!

We started learning about mobile journalism from Val Hoeppner...she is amazing with technology.  She taught us how to use a gazillion apps for the iPhone and had us using those apps immediately posting to the Freedom Forum blog, and Twitter accounts.

We had small group coaching to outline our internship goals.  My career coach is Colleen Fitzpatrick.  She has set up an amazing weekly discussion for us and answered just about every question we could come up with.

And any questions we couldn't think of, Jack Marsh, address in his very impactful, "Rules of the Room."  He outlined newsroom protocol do's and don'ts. 

We celebrated 20 years of Chips Quinn Scholars with John Quinn during lunch.  After lunch he told us of his son's, John "Chips" Quinn, work ethic and mission to make newsroom diverse.  As well as a story from an African-American woman who Chips helped to move up the ladder in an all white, predominantly male newspaper.

The day ended with a game of News Mania, buzzers and all!  The blue team, which I was on, rallied back to within 5 points to lose 490 Blue to 495 Red.  It was a wonderful time and great end to a super busy day. 

I can't wait for today...several Chipster Alumni are speaking to us today as well as another session with our career coaches, but I was informed there's a Chipster at the PD and he has already emailed offering his assistance, even before I start my internship.

This is a family that I am so glad to be a new member of...I proudly call myself a Chipster!

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