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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Conflicted About What to Study in Grad School

What's On My Mind Today:  I am equally in love with journalism and creative fiction writing.  It seems I am equally as good at journalism and creative ficition writing, so which Master's track to do I follow?  My one professor wants to enter a play I wrote into a contest to have it performed.  But then my journalism is good too. 

The MFA though has a lot of financial perks including tuition remission, stipend, possible health insurance and the ability to just write, in some cases without teaching.  A few even give you a relocation stipend!  Where graduate and teaching assistantships for jounalism carry a 20 hr teaching load and smaller, if any, stipend.

At this point, while I am so focused on journalism, I must consider the severe cost savings I could gain from following my MFA track first.  As well as I could probably move to a more desirable climate at the same time. 

I AM SO CONFLICTED....what would you do?

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