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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Graduate School

What's On My Mind Today:  I am looking into graduate school programs and I am so perplexed.  I love Cleveland State University but they don't have a masters program in journalism. 

Now, I am looking for a grad school with an online journalism program that is also accredited.  My top two are University of Missouri and Boston University.  Grad school is gonna break the bank at an average cost of $35,000-$45,000.  The advantage of to BU is I won't initially have to take the GRE.  But there online program is still in the works, but scheduled to begin in Fall 2011...which is when I want to start.  So, BU is hedging a head.

Then the next issue is paying for it.  While you can get still get a pell grant for grad school, how much more will I have to find?

Then there is also the fact I could delay my masters in journalism and do my MFA in English at CSU.  I could probably get a graduate assistantship which could eliminate the majority of expenses but I don't think I want to do my MFA first.  The issue with CSU's MFA program is its a consortium between 4 schools (CSU, Kent State University, Akron University and Youngstown State University) which may mean taking classes at those other schools.  AU and KSU are only about 45 minutes away but YSU is much farther and with the weather in Ohio those drives are not viable to me! 

I want to follow my journalism first.  We have always wanted tomove out of state to a warmer climate and that has been postponed while I finish my bachelors.  If my husband can get a job, earning my degree online will not matter.  I would have the flexibility I need to move without interrupting my studies or being separated until I could transfer. 

At the same time, I know I could probably get a graduate assistantship in other places to defer some of the expenses of grad schoo but without a job for my husband there, how will we survive? 

Of course, I am doing scholarships and grants but they are far and in between for grad school.  So, I am looking for suggestions and ideas.

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  1. When it seems that we have so many decisions to make and we are perplexed as to which choice is best for us, it is best to go to that quiet place and listen for the answer. Your faith will guide you. When you make your decision, all of your uncertainty will be washed away.