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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Facebook, Friends & Safety

What's On My Mind Today:  I must say I really do not like Facebook...but I have become accustomed to using it.  I originally set up my acct for a class and then I located a lot of my friends from high school and former jobs.  That is especially important to me since our high school, Regina High School, just closed in June 2010.  I am glad to have a way to stay in touch.  Also, it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with friends and family who live in other states or countries. 

FB is also used for several organizations and groups I belong to which is fine but it is not easy to stop the gazillion email notifications.  I have finally managed to stop them, but still! 

My biggest concern is SAFETY:  I am very concerned about people who post everywhere they are going...minute by minute.  Stalkers don't have to risk being caught following you because you told them where your going so they can either beat you there or get there shortly after you arrive. 

For this reason, Ladies, be careful who you 'FRIEND' because unless you know these people you have no idea what someone's true agenda is. 

Also, consider making your page private to limit who can see you and your daily activities.  Another thing to consider...Potential employers/current employers and co-workers may check on your page.  If you have risqué photos or hung over ones...consider that! 


  1. Well...safety should be a priority in anything that you're involved in. However, I feel safe when i'm on Facebook and I have accepted/confirmed friendship requests from complete "internet strangers'. I honestly don't think it's a big deal, especially in light of my adult status but I would warn against this comfortable/relaxed approach for minor children.

  2. Steph, thats a great point about us being old enough to know better, but did you hear about the waitress who lost her job after she bad mouthed some customers who had been guests at the restaurant she worked at cause they left her a bad tip...she lost her job. Bet the person who told the company what she said was a "FB Friend". Venting is fine but either don't use specifics (i.e. restaurant name) when getting something off your chest...now, she is unemployed and no one is going to hire her since she has been on the news, etc. showing EXTREMELY bad judgment for an adult. You know common sense is not always so common!