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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


As I mentioned the other day I am too busy to do much of anything but I will NOT give up my one passion, BOOKS.  The majority of what I read is fiction.  When I am not in school I usually read 2-3 hard cover books and listen to another 2-4 a week.  But now that classes are in session, I have to scale that back A LOT being forced to read multiple textbooks and literary works of art in lieu of my romance, suspense, mystery, and psycholigical thrillers. 

I have the solution...PLAYAWAYS.  They are individual books on a MP3!  Most library's provide you with a set of inexpensive headphones, and a battery.  I find my time walking between classes, lost in the adventures of the author I am plugged into. 

When I first started listening to audiobooks, sometimes they were recorded in abridged version, not sure why anyone would care to listen to only part of the author's book but these are the complete book.  When I am holding the book, I allow myself to build the environment.  I still do with the assistance of the professionals reading the books. 

For you newbies, who want to experience listening to a book.  Get any book by Sue Grafton...they are available on cassette (but not for too much longer), cd, Playaway, and downloadable to your own MP3.  They are read by Judy Kaye, Broadway actress, and she gets you so involved in the action. 

Take a listen...I just completed Heart of Fire by Linda Howard, one of my favorite authors.

I don't care how you read, but just don't ever stop reading.

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