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Friday, September 24, 2010

Recession & Temporary Positions

What's On My Mind Today:  I have worked for a company for almost 16 months as a temporay employee.  The concept is to save the employer money, I realize that, but so many people have left to get the security and benefits they deserve.  When will they understand that paying to train people instead of keeping good employees is the way to save money.  We have rotating door with people leaving.  Several have moved to other departments within the company to become full time employees.  Because of the work of my co-workers and myself, the voices of the company, are representing them and making them money everyday they choose not to share with us.  Recessions and lay-offs are awful, but if companies managed themselves appropriately in the first place laying off the people who do the work would not happen.  Example:  Banks:  They needed a bail out, but the upper management still get big bonuses while the little man doing the work has to get unemployment which is almost not enough to live on.  They made bad financial decisions, get help and a raise, GO FIGURE.  Jobs are coming back but the trend is just what my company is doing, at the expense of worthy employees, sorry to say.  I can't wait for the day when the business world is back on solid footing and can give employees the security they deserve and need. 

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