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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Living Despite the Odds

What's On My Mind Today:  A young man, currently 19, who I knew quite well as a child member of my church home, Grace Missionary Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio recently underwent a bone marrow transplant and is battling his way back.  As of today, God is blessing him with much success despite the odds.  But I want to talk about not only his remarkable courage and faith but that of his entire family, not that their experience is any different than any other family under-going the same treatment.  But I feel since I know them, I can speak on their experience a little better.

This is an extraordinary family, full of faith in God and His ability to restore their son, brother, and family.  The family has made many sacrifices to get the best care including moving to Tennessee near the hospital for him to get the best possible care.  His brothers both tested to be a donor and his youngest brother was a 100% match.  As a young teen, he under youngest brother went through the painful procedure to help his older brother.  Their middle brother helped the younger and older brothers recooperate and continues to do so with his older brother.  The mother is just an EXTRAORDINARY wife, mother, and friend, not only because she is my sister in Christ, but because it is true.  The father, is OUTSTANDING in providing spiritually, financially and anyway he can for his family.  In support of his eldest son, he shaved his head bald. 

I know we all do what we have to in times of crisis, but this is a family that has and continues to help others while they go through this.  They have a blog, us family and friends, can use to send messages of love, prayers, and support but to keep us up to date. 

I want them to know, that I am praying DAILY and how proud I am to know them!  Even though I have mentioned no names, please pray for my friends! 

I am inspired by them and wanted everyone who may find this blog to know it!!!!

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  1. I will also be in prayer for this family with you.